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Witness Schedule

Phase 5 Child Migrant Case Study

Witness schedule 25-28 February 2020
Child migration

Tuesday 25 February
Witness LYE  (Scott)
Witness LYX  (Brian)
Witness LZQ  (Kathy) -  evidence by video link

Wednesday 26 February
Patricia Dishon
Judy Neville - evidence  by video link

Thursday 27 February - please note a  08.00 start
Witness MIT  (Jack) – evidence by video link
Hugh McGowan

Friday 28 February
Witness LST   (Trish)
Witness CGM  (Alice)

Statements to be read in
Witness LXU (Gray)
Witness MDK (Rose)
Witness MJV (Helen)
Witness MZW (Trish)
Witness MPC (Margaret)