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Employment Tribunal Press Release


An advocate, John Halley, who was formerly instructed as one of the counsel to the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry has raised discrimination proceedings in the Employment Tribunal. The Chair of the Inquiry is the respondent in the proceedings.

She denies that he was discriminated against; the actings about which he complains were carried out by her in the performance of her duties as Chair of the Inquiry in relation to that counsel having a conflict of interest arising from his previous employment as a residential care worker. Moreover, her position is that the law does not permit him to pursue this claim.

This press release is issued in circumstances where the Employment Judge has ruled that a hearing on 28th and 29th October, which will be solely for the purpose of hearing submissions on issues of law, will be open to the public.


For media enquiries please contact:
3x1 Group
T: 0131 225 7700 / 0141 221 0707
E: SCAI@3x1.com


The Chair to the Inquiry has issued restriction orders under section 19 of the Inquiries Act 2005. Apart from the information provided in this press release, given those restriction orders, neither the claim or response nor part or parts of them nor any information contained in them may be disclosed or published without the prior consent of the Chair of the Inquiry. Likewise none of the documents referred to in them nor any part or parts thereof may be disclosed or published without the consent of the Chair of the Inquiry.

As regards the hearing on 28/29 October, the Employment Judge has made clear that it will be solely concerned with issues of law that do not require the hearing of evidence or any reference in the course of the hearing to what is said, by way of particulars in either the claim or the response.